Kinohimitsu’s complete range of products offers something for everyone, anytime anywhere!

Our all-natural health drinks and pads provide thorough, quick and effective remedies for your detox, health and beauty needs.

Start by purging yourself of toxins with our Detox range. Then begin an effective healing process by addressing your health issues with our Health range. Finally, shine with confidence with our Beauty range that helps you regain a radiant and youthful appearance.



  • J'pan Beauty Drink

    J'pan Beauty Drink

    Beauty that Glows from Inside Out Kinohimitsu J’pan Beauty Drink is the most effective way to restore youthful vitality to skin – not only on your face but your whole body including the neck, bust & bum.

  • J'pan UV-Bright Drink

    J'pan UV-Bright Drink

    Youth & beauty in a bottle. Kinohimitsu J’pan UV-Bright Drink is the most effective way to restore fair skin; not only on your face but for your whole body including the underarms, elbows, tummy...

  • J'pan BodySlen Drink

    J'pan BodySlen Drink

    Stay slim. Stay fit. Stay healthy. Kinohimitsu J’pan BodySlen is a delicious BLOCK & BURN drink that satisfies picky taste buds while filling your thirst and hunger in one go. One bottle a day...

  • J'pan BustUp Drink

    J'pan BustUp Drink

    Beauty & fullness in a bottle. A full, rounded, firm and sexy bust line makes women of all ages look more attractive and feel more confident. Kinohimitsu J’pan BustUp Drink is a functional,...

  • J'pan Collagen Diamond 5300 Drink

    J'pan Collagen Diamond 5300 Drink

    Firm and moisture-plumped skin in a bottle. Kinohimitsu J’pan Collagen Diamond 5300 Drink comes with 5300mg of Collagen Peptide specifically designed for mature skin to restore its youthfulness,...

  • J'pan BB Drink

    J'pan BB Drink

    Baby-like rosy skin in a bottle. The key to gorgeous looks is to have healthy, glowing skin. Kinohimitsu J’pan BB Drink is a functional, instant drink that helps restore your skin’s natural glow...

  • J'pan Collagen Men Drink

    J'pan Collagen Men Drink

    Kinohimitsu J’pan Collagen Men Drink is the FIRST collagen drink that is designed to satisfy the specific needs of men's skin. Infused with 5300mg...

  • J'pan KilosCut

    J'pan KilosCut

    Kinohimitsu J’pan KilosCut is made up of high quality proprietary blend of slimming ingredients, probiotics and prebiotic that promote weight loss and fitness naturally. It...

  • J'pan StemCell Drink

    J'pan StemCell Drink

    Kinohimitsu J'pan StemCell Drink is the most innovative anti-ageing drink that helps you to look younger and feel fantastic! Kinohimitsu J'pan StemCell Drink...

  • Clear Activ

    Clear Activ

    Kinohimitsu Clear Activ is designed to provide internal defense against breakouts and perfectly balance sebum secretion, giving the most natural and effective solution to regain your clear and smooth skin.

  • Collagen Activ

    Collagen Activ

    Kinohimitsu Collagen Activ, a sugar-free beauty supplement that is specially formulated to nourish our skin from within by fitting into your lifestyle daily without disturbance.

  • Diet Meal

    Diet Meal

    Kinohimitsu Diet Meal is a delicious, low calorie meal. It is rich in vitamins, dietary fibre and amino acids. It contains solid food where you can chew and satisfy the desire of “eating”!

  • Eye Pro

    Eye Pro

    Kinohimitsu EyePro is a non-invasive botox wrinkle filler with 6 international patents. Instantly smoothen fine lines, deflate puffy eyes and effectively lighten dark eye circles.

  • J'pan ProWhite Regimen

    J'pan ProWhite Regimen

    Kinohimitsu J'pan ProWhite Regimen provides systemic protectant to your skin and body in accordance to your body natural rhythm. It offers you complete protection...

  • J'pan ProWhite

    J'pan ProWhite

    Kinohimitsu J’pan ProWhite is a delicious functional drink that provides systemic health and beauty functions. It contains Glutathione and the two ‘superfruits’- Camu-camu and Maqui Berry....

  • Tummy Tuck

    Tummy Tuck

    Kinohimitsu Tummy Tuck is an all-natural U.S. patented slimming formula that works to target stubborn fat specifically at abdominal area.

  • White Activ

    White Activ

    Kinohimitsu White Activ is designed to promote fairer and clearer complexion from top to toe.


  • Maca Men

    Maca Men

    Kinohimitsu Maca Men is a refreshing caffeine-free energy booster that is quick, simple and effective. It is specifically designed for men, so that you can conquer your day – no matter how tough it gets!

  • J’pan 69-W Drink

    J’pan 69-W Drink

    Hot Lady in a bottle. A bond shared between couples is filled with love, esteem and warmth. Kinohimitsu J'pan 69-W Drink fortifies this very special bond! Every woman deserves a passionate sex...

  • Kino Rub

    Kino Rub

    Kinohimitsu Kino Rub is an excellent general purpose relief gel. It is a natural, non-medicated deep penetrating gel which provides a cooling effect to soothe and calm. It is your ideal companion for...

  • Exfoliating Foot Wipes

    Exfoliating Foot Wipes

    Kinohimitsu Exfoliating Foot Wipes is a cleansing wipe which makes use of natural ingredients, Wood Vinegar and Eucalyptus oil, for thorough skin-cleansing. It effectively exfoliates tough hardened...

  • Kinohimitsu Bird Nest

    Kinohimitsu Bird Nest

    Every piece of the bird’s nest is carefully cleansed and no bleaching agent is used. It is all-natural with no preservatives, artificial colouring and flavouring.

  • BG Diamond

    BG Diamond

    Kinohimitsu Collagen BG Diamond Drink is the first & only collagen formula that contain 5300mg Marine Collagen, Beta-Glucan & Snow Fungus to promote firmer skin, reduce cholesterol & provide moisturizing effect.

  • Eye Bright

    Eye Bright

    Kinohimitsu EyeBright is designed to offer in depth protective elements to the eyes. Coupled with FloraGLO® Lutein, DHA, Lycopene and potent anthocyanins (Maqui Berry Extract & Purple Rice Extract) for ultimate nourishment to the eyes. It is carefully tailored to meet the needs of your..

  • J'pan Bio-Booster

    J'pan Bio-Booster

    Kinohimitsu J'pan Bio-Booster is the first and only symbiotic-­organic blend that enhances our body to absorb nutrients by more than 2 times...

  • JointPro 360

    JointPro 360

    Kinohimitsu JointPro360 is the perfect, high strength formulation to support healthy joint and cartilage and promote flexibility. Enjoy this tasty fast-absorbing drink that helps you to get back to enjoy exercises and activities you love.

  • J'pan Collagen Nite

    J'pan Collagen Nite

    Kinohimitsu J’pan Collagen Nite Drink is the first and only collagen formula that works to relax and bounce back stressful skin just over 8 hours of beauty sleep!

  • Kinohimitsu Royal Bird Nest

    Kinohimitsu Royal Bird Nest

    Using only the carefully hand-picked imperial bird’s nest cooked with low-sugar, every mouthful is filled with rich aroma and smooth in texture.


  • J’pan D’tox Juice (Plum)

    J’pan D’tox Juice (Plum)

    Do you suffer from: Poor digestion, stomach bloating, fatigue, low energy levels, sickly body, poor complexion, blemishes, skin allergies, bad breath, body odor, headache, migraine. Do you have: A busy, stressful...

  • HOT Health Pad

    HOT Health Pad

    Kinohimitsu Hot Health Pad with F.I.R has gradual heating effects when use. It helps to relieve pain from physical strain and bruises. It stimulates the sensor and nerve and promotes blood flow. It is recommended for people who suffer from feeling coldness on...

  • Health Pad

    Health Pad

    Kinohimitsu’s Health Pad uses all natural tree extracts and powerful negative ions. In basic Chinese Medical theory, the sole is also known as "The Second Heart" which means it is the focal point for important parts of the body, especially blood...

  • J’pan D’tox Tea

    J’pan D’tox Tea

    Kinohimitsu J’pan D’Tox Tea is a blend of natural traditional herbs which provides a light, delicious caffeine-free beverage that helps achieve results. This tea gently rejuvenates the body, lessen feeling of fatique. It restores vigour to those who often feel...

  • Rejuvenating Seat Pad

    Rejuvenating Seat Pad

    Kinohimitsu Rejuvenating Seat Pad offers various benefits that improve your overall body wellness and mental alertness. Specially formulated with approx. 1000 cc. of negative ions, this is a perfect working companion for those who spend long hours in a...

  • Relaxing Sleeping Pad

    Relaxing Sleeping Pad

    Kinohimitsu Relaxing Sleeping Pad offers various benefits that provide fuller rest and enhances the overall body and mind wellness. Specially formulated with approx. 1000 cc. of negative ions, this is perfect “sleeping companion” to calm the restless...

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