Welcome to Kinohimitsu's FAQ! Find insights on order tracking, product authenticity, delivery details, and solutions for common queries about our premium beauty and wellness products

Product Inquiries

Is your product authentic?

To ensure authenticity, we recommend purchasing from our official store.

Has the price increased?

We've adjusted prices in response to market changes.

Is the price stated correct?

Unfortunately, due to a system error, orders with incorrect prices will need to be canceled.

Order and Delivery Logistics

Why was the parcel returned to the sender?

The parcel was returned due to an address inaccuracy, but we're arranging redelivery promptly.

Can you provide me with my order tracking number?

Certainly, we'll provide you with detailed order tracking information.

Do you deliver everywhere in the world?

Yes, orders can be conveniently placed on our global site.

Can I receive the item in 1-2 days?

Unfortunately, the current peak period is causing delays in fulfilling immediate requests.

When will my order be shipped out?

Orders typically take 3-5 working days to process, after which Ninjavan will notify you about delivery.

Why is my parcel not picked up?

During this peak season, Ninjavan is experiencing delays in pickup schedules.

Please deliver my parcel during office hours.

Standard delivery timings are arranged between 10 am to 10 pm, Monday to Saturday.

I did not receive the parcel, but it shows that it was delivered.

We've initiated an investigation to check the delivery status and provide assistance in locating your parcel.

Is my parcel lost?

Regrettably, the courier has declared your parcel lost. We'll ensure a refund is processed promptly.

I ordered multiple items but received only part of the order.

Due to the nature of bulk item orders, your parcel may be split; however, rest assured, the remaining items will be delivered shortly.

When will my purchase be shipped?

For pre-order products, shipping typically occurs within 15 working days, excluding weekends and public holidays as indicated on the product listing.

The price seems incorrect; can you verify it?

We regret any confusion caused by an error in the listing price, leading to the cancellation of affected orders.

Product Concerns and Exchanges:

The items I received are broken; what should I do?

We sincerely apologize for this inconvenience. We'll ensure a one-to-one exchange and address this promptly.

When will the product exchange be scheduled?

The exchange request has been initiated, and we'll require a few working days to schedule the exchange. We'll update you promptly with the scheduled date.