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Marine Gem


Kinohimitsu Marine Gem is a cutting-edge collagen powder formula that delivers potent, science-backed nourishment, and nourishes every part of you. Enriched with high-density Marine Collagen Peptides, the versatile hydrator Green Caviar®, glycation-resistant Formosa Ruby®, and formidable free radical-fighting Vitamin C, this powerhouse blend rewinds the clock on your skin and enhances connective tissue throughout the body.


Marine Collagen Peptides 5000 mg (Type 1 & 3), Vitamin C, Formosa Ruby® Djulis Extract (Red Quinoa), Green Caviar® Sea Grape Extract (Seaweed).

Recommended Use For Best Result

Mix & Enjoy: Simply stir 1 scoop into 150ml of water. Chilled water recommended for best taste.

Product information


Key Ingredients

Marine Collagen Peptides 5,000 mg (Type 1 & 3)

Supports skin, hair, nail, joint, and bone health

Green Caviar® Sea Grape Extract

Enhances skin hydration and brightening

Vitamin C

Aids collagen synthesis and supports joint functionality

Kinohimitsu shares the freedom to live well

Get only the good stuff! At Kinohimitsu,we're committed to delivering products that empower you to live your best life. We make sure that every drink you have is safe, guilt-free and absolutely enjoyed.

Freedom to live youthfully, from skin to bones
Freedom to live youthfully, from skin to bones
Freedom to live youthfully, from skin to bones