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JellyBoost DHM


Kinohimitsu JellyBoost DHM is the ultimate morning rescue after the party. Harnessing the benefits of the herbs from the Japanese Raisin Tree, Dihydromyricetin (DHM), L-Glutathione and other natural, potent ingredients, this enjoyable jelly stick is the must-have hangover cure.  

With a refreshing citrus flavour, Kinohimitsu JellyBoost DHM is an antioxidant that fast-tracks alcohol metabolism and supports your gut health and body's natural detoxification process. Infused with plant extracts from turmeric and artichoke for optimal liver protection and boosts your immune defences. With only 10kcal in every jelly stick, this guilt-free snack is the ultimate fusion of flavour and function.

  • Snack Smart: Preservative-free, healthy snack alternative.
  • Low Calories, Big Benefits: Only 10kcal per sachet
  • Beauty Pro: L-Glutathione always gives skin that extra glow
  • Delectable: Smooth fruity jelly stick 
  • Patented Innovation: 3 International Patents (Taiwan, Japan, China) Fueling Your Confidence
  • Lightweight and Convenient: Individual sachets that fit seamlessly into your purses or pockets.

Turmeric Extract 1200mg, Artichoke Extract 80mg, Japanese Raisin Tree Extract 70mg, L-Glutathione 10mg, Citrus depressa Juice, Vitamin B Complex, Black Pepper Extract

Recommended Use For Best Result

For your daily boost, enjoy 1 Jelly Boost stick anytime, be it in the morning to kickstart your day or as a convenient snack whenever hunger strikes or those midnight cravings come up.

Pro-Tip: Dodge the effects of a hangover with 2 Jelly Boost sticks after the party; but don't worry, if you forget to take it, your body will remind you to enjoy 2 sticks in the morning and feel that relief soon enough.

Don't forget to store your Jelly Boost in a safe, dry place. To make it extra, keep it chilled.

Product information

Feel-Good Fuel for Busy Lives

Don't let yesterday slow you down today. Kinohimitsu JellyBoost DHM becomes your daily dose of proactive wellness. This delicious, on-the-go jelly delivers a powerful blend of science-backed ingredients—your partner in conquering the day and living life to the fullest!

Morning Rescue: Wake up refreshed and ready to seize the day as it alleviates hangover symptoms.

Liver Love: Support healthy liver function and natural detoxification to boost your body's filtration system for inner strength.

Power Up Your Defence: Strengthen your immune system and fortify your body's natural defences.

Gut Feeling Great: Contains natural antioxidants for a happy gut & healthy digestion with a gentle, antioxidant cleanse.

Functional with Flavour: Indulge yourself in a burst of guilt-free citrusy taste with a boost of functional goodness.

Energy Surge: Experience a refreshing pick-me-up that provides sustainable and natural energy that keeps you going throughout the day.


Key Ingredients

Turmeric Extract

Offers anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties, supporting joint health, digestion, and cognitive function, while also potentially reducing the risk of chronic diseases.

Artichoke Extract

Aids in liver health and digestion by promoting bile production, supporting detoxification, and relieving symptoms of indigestion and bloating.

Japanese Raisin Tree Extract (DHM)

Helps alleviate hangover symptoms by aiding in alcohol metabolism, reducing nausea, and supporting liver function, promoting overall well-being after alcohol consumption.

Take Charge of Your Morning After a Night Out!

Kinohimitsu JellyBoost DHM is your on-the-go rescue mission! This delicious jelly goes beyond just liver support. It combines powerhouse ingredients like DHM and Curcumin to tackle hangovers, while L-Glutathione and Artichoke Extract support your liver's natural detoxification process.

Don't let a busy life compromise your health. Take charge with JellyBoost DHM – your pocket-sized solution for feeling your best, inside and out.


Kinohimitsu JellyBoost DHM goes beyond temporary fixes for hangovers. Clinically proven ingredients deliver real results for liver support, immune boost, gut health and seamless detoxification. It's a holistic approach to feeling your best, inside and out.

Science-Backed Hangover Cure
Clinically proven DHM, a Japanese herbal extract, accelerates alcohol metabolism in the liver, promoting faster elimination from the body.

Liver-Loving Extracts
Research shows turmeric and artichokes support liver health. Turmeric's curcuminoids offer antioxidant and anti-inflammatory benefits, while artichoke may promote bile production for better toxin removal.

L-Glutathione Boost
Studies suggest it may help reduce oxidative stress and support the immune system after exposure to toxins like alcohol. It plays a crucial role in detoxification and immune function.

We heard you!

Level up your daily wellness with the all-new Jelly Boost Bundle! Stock up on your favourite Kinohimitsu Jelly Boost Collagen, Lutein, and DHM in one convenient pack.

Nourish your skin, eyes, and overall health – every single day!

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Kinohimitsu shares the freedom to live well

Get only the good stuff! At Kinohimitsu,we're committed to delivering products that empower you to live your best life. We make sure that every drink you have is safe, guilt-free and absolutely enjoyed

Who Should Take JellyBoost DHM?

Discover Your Ride or Die for Liver and Gut Health with JellyBoost! Whether you're breezing through the day, tackling hangovers, or just staying on point, JellyBoost is your loyal sidekick, ready to roll with you every step of the way.

  • Health-conscious individuals prioritising liver and gut health
  • Social drinkers seeking hangover prevention
  • Hangover sufferers in need of quick relief
  • Fitness enthusiasts for post-workout recovery
  • Busy professionals craving convenient wellness
  • Travellers prioritising well-being on the go
  • Snack enthusiasts opting for healthier options
  • Students and workers needing a midday boost
  • Those with dietary preferences preferring enjoyable supplements
  • Individuals transitioning to healthier lifestyles

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