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Bird’s Nest with Chia Seeds (Reduced Sugar)


Fuel your energy with Kinohimitsu Bird's Nest with Chia Seeds—a deluxe drink with real Bird's Nest infusion packed with Chia Seeds. Formulated with Omega-3s, high fibre, antioxidants, and minerals, it's your go-to for heightened immunity, age-defying radiance, and skin protection from damage caused by free radicals and UV exposure. 

Restore your vibe, naturally. Carefully prepared to preserve its nutritional goodness, this unique blend caters to your health-conscious choices. Enjoy the goodness, guilt-free.

  • Luxurious & Modern: Experience the timeless benefits of Bird's Nest with the added power of Chia Seeds, a modern superfood powerhouse
  • Reduced Sugar: Enjoy the taste you love without compromising your health goals
  • Ready-to-Drink: Nourish yourself on-the-go, no prep needed
  • Clean Ingredients: Free from harmful additives and artificial flavours and colours
  • Nourishing Powerhouse: Packed with fibre, antioxidants, and Omega-3s for a holistic approach to well-being


Rock Sugar Solution, Seaweed, Chia Seeds, Bird’s Nest

Recommended Use For Best Result

Enjoy chilled or warmed before drinking. Suitable for all ages.

Product information


Key Ingredients

Hydrolyzed Bird's Nest

Rich source of essential amino acids, minerals, and glycoproteins.

Chia Seeds

High in omega-3 fatty acids, which are beneficial for heart health and reducing inflammation.


Abundant source of vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants, including iodine, vitamin C, and vitamin K.

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Modern Wellness
Effortless Beauty
Beauty from Nature
Modern Wellness
Effortless Beauty
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