Pregnancy and PostPartum

Kinohimitsu is Mom-Approved!

Cheers to every Mom and Mama-to-be! Kinohimitsu understands the incredible journey you're on – from pregnancy to postpartum. That's why we've crafted a lineup of products with you in mind. Our natural formulations aim to be your steadfast companion, nurturing your skin, boosting immunity, and supporting your overall well-being during these transformative phases. Think of us as your wellness partner, dedicated to enhancing your glow and fortifying your strength as you navigate the beautiful chapters of pregnancy and postpartum.

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Wellness Journals

Truths Series: Men Must Take Collagen Too

Truth Series 3: Discover how men's collagen needs are unique and how it impacts different life stages.

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Truths Series: Collagen and Women’s Unique Fit

Latest edition of the Truths Series: Uncover the collagen secrets of characters like Emily in "Emily in Paris" (Lily Collins) and Rachel Green in "Friends" (Jennifer Aniston), and explore Kinohimitsu's...

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Truths Series: Decoding the Collagen Craze

Explore the collagen phenomenon in our Truths Series: Decoding the Collagen Craze, revealing Kinohimitsu's liquid collagen secrets for timeless beauty

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