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The future of skin health is edible. Drink Kinohimitsu.

25 years and still owning it! Kinohimitsu has been slaying the skincare game! This isn't your ordinary skin care routine, it is edible skincare you can drink and the holy grail of everything elixir. For a quarter-century, we've been blending nature and science, fortifying your skin's resilience. Step into the future with Kinohimitsu.

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Wellness Journals

Truths Series: Men Must Take Collagen Too

Truth Series 3: Discover how men's collagen needs are unique and how it impacts different life stages.

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Truths Series: Collagen and Women’s Unique Fit

Latest edition of the Truths Series: Uncover the collagen secrets of characters like Emily in "Emily in Paris" (Lily Collins) and Rachel Green in "Friends" (Jennifer Aniston), and explore Kinohimitsu's...

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Truths Series: Decoding the Collagen Craze

Explore the collagen phenomenon in our Truths Series: Decoding the Collagen Craze, revealing Kinohimitsu's liquid collagen secrets for timeless beauty

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